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Hello! Welcome to Yummy Love!

Yummy Love is a passion of mine, my baby that is currently growing and learning.
Yummy Love offers nothing but the best homemade treats. Made with whole ingredients and nothing but love. No preservatives and organic, fresh ingredients whenever possible.

Everything is made to order for you!

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Yummy Love - Pricing

$25/Dozen - cupcakes w/frosting * Gluten-Free options available , please contact for pricing/information. :)

* Vanilla with vanilla or chocolate buttercream
* Devils food with vanilla, coffee buttercream, peanut butter buttercream, or chocolate ganache
* Maple w/maple buttercream garnished with bacon
* Snicker doodle with Italian meringue frosting
* Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
* Spice cake with cream cheese frosting
* Pumpkin spice with cream cheese frosting
* Pomegranate champagne

$30/dozen - filled cupcakes w/frosting  * Gluten-Free options available , please contact for pricing/information. :)

* Butterbeer
* Lemon curd and honey
* Pineapple brown sugar
* Apple pie
* Raspberry lemon curd

More Yummies!! * LIMITED Gluten-Free options available , please contact for pricing/information. :)

* Brownies (choose below, cupcakes available as well) $15/dozen or 8 inch pan
    - Chocolate Ganache w/nuts
    - Peanut butter swirl
* Chewy chocolate chip cookies $15/dozen
* Chewy fluffy salted pumpkin butterscotch cookies $15/dozen
* Salted chocolate chip pumpkin cookies $15/dozen
* Citrus pound cake - $10/loaf
* Angel food bunt cake - $15
* Tiramisu 8 square inch cake - $25
* Pumpkin spice bread pudding - $20/loaf (add bourbon salted caramel sauce for $5)
* Mini dulce de leche puffs - $25/bach

* Salted caramel drizzle +$5 per dozen
* Gluten-Free available, please contact for pricing. :)
* 1/2 orders or "minis" available, contact for pricing

*All orders need to be placed at least 2 weeks ahead with deposit at time of order. Deposit is 1/2 of order total.
* Cancel within 7 days of order for full refund, after that subject to cancellation fee.

* Delivery offered at a limited range (coming from Glendale/Burbank, Ca area), subject to delivery fee. Please contact for more information
* Pick-up available 

*Kitchen and equipment share nut, dairy, wheat, and animal products. 

If you don't see what you're looking for, let's chat! :)

Contact: BakedByYummyLove@gmail.com



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