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Hello, I'm Inthia!


Born in 1982 and raised in Los Angeles. Currently I reside in a suburb of LA with my amazing boyfriend in a geeky apartment. I love to be in a kitchen. I LOVE food. I love going to Disneyland, I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and I take a lot of pictures of my feet. With shoes on, bare feet are gross. But not bear feet, they are totes cute.

It'll be a cold day in hell before I stop taking photos of my feet.

I fell in love with blogging in the early 2000's which lead to a super emotional out-pour on LiveJournal and Subkultures that carried out onto other social media sites. Luckily, I got older and wiser. Realizing that keeping a blog could be a more positive and uniting experience. Sure, I still post about my weight issues, but now I have more of a milkshake half full outlook. I sincerely feel that I can share and provide another perspective on how people live in Los Angeles.

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Here there is a lot of 'real talk' involving my listed interests as well as more food, Weight Watchers and pretty much anything. All full of lots of love and hopefully some laughs.

I don't work with anything fancy. Just a MacBook Pro and an iPhone with a sprinkle of the boys point and shoot camera. It's pretty trusty. It's real life. ;)

I can also be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr.

My baking baby YUMMY LOVE can be found on Facebook as well as my crafty pet MoosyPoodle. MoosyPoodle is also on ETSY.

Stay, relax, eat a cupcake and let's speak our minds.



P.S. Thank you stopping by. It means a lot. :)

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