Rise of the Jack O'Lanters - Descanso Gardens 2015

All photos taken by me and my trusty little iphone. SOOOO, they aren't the best. You'll have to go see it for yourself. 

On a super last minute decision, we decided to visit Rise of the Jack O'Lanterns at Descanso Gardens. From my understanding, this year they added more venues and the LA area has two locations. Tickets are super easy to purchase and once you sign up for discounts, it's very affordable. Parking is also free.  We signed up for the last time slot of the night and were let in earlier since it was a slow night.

I don't recall visiting Descanso Gardens, so in all honesty I have no idea what the place looks like. It was dark with minimal lighting in the court yard area. Here, they have a small vending kiosk which had tons of treats, drinks, and adult beverages as well as seating area. Two small vending booths flanked a larger gift shop. The booths had light up necklaces, hats, and toys along with Halloween themed souvenirs.

The shop itself might be my favorite gift shop ever. Super packed with merchandise of all types but all Halloween themed at the moment. It also filtered out into a wonderful outdoor area, where plants and various outdoor decorations were available. The only downside to it is how crowded it gets. At times, less than two people can occupy a given space. After picking up some awesome new decorations, we headed into the garden trails.

The main path takes about 45 min to walk through with stops. It's pretty big and the scale is amazing. There is wonderful music playing though and it changes a bit depending on the theme of the area you are in.

On the way in, there is a huge photo op as well as another snack kiosk before hitting the main trail. The most stunning piece was the insanely huge pumpkin tree. They boasted something crazy like 1000 plus pumpkins on it. It was massive though.

The show has everything for anyone. Dinosaurs, cars, spooky things, love things, carved, sculpted, painted and all lit up! Tons of main pumpkins as well as wonderful filler pumpkins. It was wonderful and I can't recommend it highly enough. I know that we found a new yearly tradition.

Tons of photos and a little video I made below. 



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