Halloween Horror Nights 2015

I made every effort to stay spoiler free and post my initial  reactions and after thoughts to the night. So here we go!

We made our yearly trip to HHN a little early this year, which has me off a little bit but we enjoyed ourselves all the same. With all honesty, if you can afford it the front of the line pass it's the way to go as well as getting your pass as soon as you can settle on a date. This year, they offered early entry on our night which we took advantage of. It's the sweet spot between regular park close and HHN open. However, we didn't run down to the lower lots. We stayed in a corral in the main entrance area to view the opening chainsaw chase.


This year's opening area is "Exterminatoz." A mutant insect and vermin themed scare zone with lots of toxic waste, weapons, scantly dressed exterminator ladies, and fire! It was a great opening to the night, even with the actual scary pushing and running of the other attendees. I think we all know we won't actually die, right? RIGHT?

From here we walked down to the Terror Tram: Survive the Purge, themed with The Purge franchise. While it was fun, this area doesn't really make too much sense to the theme since we pass the Bates Motel, walk up a dusty hill past bushes and what not, then into the War of the Worlds set. It's too unpolished for the world of The Purge, so we were left a little dissatisfied. The scare-actors are always great though, just the setting was wrong. Shout out to the guy at the end in the armor that separated me from my group and got all up in my grill. You did your job well! No shout out to having to experience Fast and Furious on the way back. No.

Next up was the lower lot. We visited INSIDIOUS: Return to the Further. This was by far my favorite maze of the night for so many reasons. It really delivered unexpected scares, AMAZING makeup and costumes, and our dates for the night were actually scared. It was great! We left holding our sides from laughing and screaming.

Walking over to Crimson Peak and AVP maze area gave us a little rest from the night's actives. We took a tram to the actual back-lot where another Purge themed scare zone awaited us.  This one was very well themed and scary as hell. Loads of fog, lack of light, and the metropolitan set of the back-lot made it so much more realistic.

AVP returned from last year and it was great! It always feels a little quicker than it should but it might just be me running though it. I don't know, I'm not a time keeper or professional runner.

Crimson Peak is beautiful! I honestly cannot say more because it was minimal on the scares but beautiful on the scenery.

Back up on the lower lot area we rode the rides then tackled the mazes: Walking Dead and This is the End.

Walking Dead: Wolves Not Fear is marketed as their longest maze yet and it sure did feel like it. I mean that in a good way. Second to INSIDIOUS, this one got me good. Real good. The whole idea of the wolves characters is so unsettling and whatever you think they would do with that story line... yes, they did it. I hear that Orlando has a "flooded" basement scene and now I'll have to look it up to compare the two.

This Is The End-3D is exactly what you would think it would be without the giant demon penis. Which was disappointing, but they had great gags from the film and it was more funny than anything else.

The last maze of the night was Halloween: Michael Myers Comes Home. This was one of my favorites of the night. Oddly enough, this hit me a few days later as it's the maze that stuck with me the most. Great classic scenes, wonderful actors, and a show stopping last room that had the couple in front of us on their knees and trying to push us forward. I would honestly love to go back just for that maze.

After Halloween, our dates for the evening left so we decided to walk through the scare zones we hadn't experienced. With so much construction going on at the parks, the scare zones are oddly places and feel light in relativity to the park itself.  We walked through Dark Christmas and Corpz before settling in for the Jabbawokeez show. It was cool, I think. It made me feel out of touch with the youth and kinda bummed it wasn't Halloween themed; but they are a great dance crew and the crowd loved them.


We ended our night with some soft serve from the Simpsons area and headed out to the land of the living.



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