Yummy Love Event - Geeky Cauldron

Last weekend I had the pleasure of vending at Geeky Cauldron presented by Geeks Who Drink! Their theme was Harry Potter! My friends at [mobile]Demaine asked me to join them and provide desserts.

Unfortunately, they had to bow out but encouraged me to continue vending.

I decided to bake up some classic and popular Butterbeer cupcakes (sold out in less than 20 min), Candy Floss cupcakes, and offer up something new!

I've been wanting to make treacle tarts for quite some time and this was the perfect opportunity. Super sadtimes when I wasn't able to buy treacle in time, but I made it work with golden syrup. I paired the mini tarts with mini peanut butter brownie cauldron cakes and paired them with some homemade whipped cream.

Of course licorice wands are a must! Super easy and fast to make. They are a great and fun little treat.

I think the crowd was a little shocked to see the variety of goodies being offered.  I received some great and blush worthy feedback.

This event was so much fun, right in my home town, and full of my people.



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