Happy Birthday Harry Potter and JK Rowling - Butterbeer Milkshake

GUYS! It's JK Rowling and Harry Potter's birthday!

My little geeky heart got really excited and my bring got pained at mulling over what to make to celebrate. With school and work taking over most of life, I really didn't have time to dedicate to anything elaborate. Last week I made a super yummy B*Day Milkshake for This Little Disney Blog and remembered how I've been keeping a butterbeer milkshake in mind.

Having picked up a bottle of butterscotch syrup a few weeks go, today seemed like the perfect occasion to break that puppy open. Using the boy as my taste tester, he said the most beautiful words ever, "Ya know, this tastes pretty darn close to the parks."

My face melted off. I danced a little dance. I squeeked. I had a great geeky moment.

I was a little worried. I used vanilla almond milk instead of whole cow's milk. I didn't have a whipped cream topping so I used a few heaping spoonfuls of marshmallow fluff and topped it all with crunch gold sprinkles and nonpareils, but man this is one tasty shake!

I hope you enjoy it. With a book. With your friends. With the movies. Whatever. I hope you throw calories out the door and indulge in this cold yummy treat.

Butterbeer Milkshakes!

Ingredients (serves 2)
2 Cups quality vanilla ice cream
3 Tablespoons butterscotch syrup
1 -2 Cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, less for thicker milkshakes
Marshmallow Fluff
Butterscotch caramel syrup

- Combine the ice cream, butterscotch syrup and milk in a blender until smooth. 
- Prep tall glasses by drizzling butterscotch caramel topping on the inside walls of the glass. 
- Pour shakes into glasses.
- Top with marahmallow fluff and sprinkles!


How are you celebrating the birthday of the boy who lived? Comment below!


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