Alice's Return to Wonderland!

This past weekend Fantasyland welcomed back its much beloved and beautiful Alice in Wonderland attraction. After being down since early March, Alice reopened with beautiful enhancements, effects and well integrated safety railings and whatnot.

We took a few visits through Wonderland on Saturday night with a very fast moving queue but always to a packed house. Absolutely in love with all the new additions.

*SPOILERS* Reading any further will reveal spoilery stuff and a full ride through video...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

From the show buildings facelift of well integrated railings, new shiny Wonderland plants and fresh coat of paint, Alice does not disappoint. Loads of projections, animations and new figures have been added to the attraction. With one of the most impressive uses of digital mapping used on Cheshire Cat in the dark forest area. The golden afternoon sequence, Queen's verdict scene and croquet sequence are among my favorite. But I think the whole thing is pretty amazing.

Amazing video courtesy of Fresh Baked Disney.

While I love the new Alice figures, the Golden Afternoon Alice is missed as well as the suit of cards chase cutouts. Most of all the giant Cheshire head is replaced, making the end scene make WAY more sense, but will be missed because it was creepy as heck. I like to think it now lives in John Stamos' back yard, where all Disney Park relics go to retire.

Rumor has it that a good portion if not all of the Fantasyland attractions will receive the similar referbs. If this is the case, Fantasyland is going to end up MORE amazing.

What are your thoughts on the new Alice in Wonderland! Comment below, I'm all ears!


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