Adventures in Culinary School - Part 4

Fourth term at Le Cordon Bleu is all wrapped up! If you follow me on instagram or twitter, then you saw virtually ZERO school postings. This term consisted of no baking, just a lot of speeches and mathing.

It was very trying.

During this time, I secured a gold card status at Starbucks in 6 weeks and am now well into my first rewards bracket. This is what happens when you math at 6 am, Monday through Friday for 6 weeks. Then you hike down into what the school body likes to call "the dungeon" for a communications class until 10am.

While I learned so much about math, better communication and myself, these past 6 weeks at school were long, tedious and hectic. Just about as much as in the kitchen and I am super grateful for them. 

This was the first time in 12 years that I had to write any formal speeches and math some numbers. I learned a lot about myself, the people I choose to surround myself with and what I can do now to make my life more fulfilling and lead to where I want it be.

I did take some "me" time and baked up as much as I could. Spending a full weekend just baking and experimenting.

Nothing quite to share at the moment, but maybe some French macarons in the future? Who knows.

In case you missed it, Owls and Apples is no more! It is now "This Yummy Life." What do you think of the name change? Do you also hear Ira Glass narrating this blog?

I feel the name change reflects my life, my baking "business" and where I'm headed. A fully bought domain name will follow as well as an overall overhaul to the site. Just a bit of a fresh start.

We could all use a fresh start. Any time. Any place. Now!



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