Adventures in Culinary School - Part 3

Hello Hello!

My latest school session just ended and we're all wrapped up in a lovely two week break. I celebrated last night by staying out and seeing Saving Mr. Banks and sleeping in today until 7:15 am. Crazy right? Very. I KNOW.

The past six weeks we attended our first baking courses of the program. Which started off with basic beautiful chocolate chip cookies and ended in poured fondant and french maccarons. Lots of cussing and sad cake eating but learning non-the-less.

We learned about baking science and chemical reactions.

Why we need room temperature butter and sifted flours.

Why sugar needs to be melted, caramelized or rained in.

The value of fruits in flavor and presentation.

What a fickle weirdo pie dough can be... seriously.

The value of consistency and presentation.

Cutting. Folding.

Spices and piping! 

Share in the French love to cream and butter. SO MUCH OF THESE.

And sadly, how to NOT eat raw batter and lick tasty drips and stuff.

I gained a bunch of weight, ate all the things and rocked the hell out of the class. I will say that there have been disappointments along the way. I had my first kitchen experience, which I FAILED.  I was instantly denied the opportunity to apply to an internship program and a business due to not fitting the "look" guidelines. I was upset and hurt. Got some amazing, real and honest feed back from friends. Sometimes it hurt. You live and learn, it won't always be rainbows and I'm grateful for that. But there have been positives as well. I made the Presidents List and am on the way to making the honor roll. So I have my sights set on grade consistency and learning everything I can learn.

Our next six week term is all academic. Speech and math. This will give me time to regroup, focus on diet and work on the blog a bit. I hope.



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