Geeky Stuff: Harry Potter Stamps & Maleficent!

Geeky goodness has taken over this week!

First and most importantly, USPS unveiled new Harry Potter Forever stamps. These stamps come in a pack of 20, featuring stills from the movies. They are currently up for pre-order on the USPS site.

Here is a sneak peek at a few of them: 

Also this week, the Maleficent poster and teaser trailer debuted.

While the effects are very reminiscent of Oz the Great and meh-iful, I'm really holding on to all hopes that it will be awesome and fulfilling. I do approve of her Maleficent laugh as it's my favorite Disney laugh of all time and she nails it down pretty well.

This week is only half way though and things are looking pretty entertaning. What do you think?



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