REVIEW: Milk Jar Cookies

This past weekend I stopped by an adorable little shop on Wilshire: Milk Jar Cookies!

I had heard of this bakery from other vendors at a previous event I had be part of at Whimsic Alley, which is next door.

Their shop is cute and quaint. Looks straight out of a Domino Magazine spead or if Martha Stewart herself had designed it with cute welcome garlands, cake stands, simple uncluttered display cases and  a very inviting window display. These are also a few tables and chairs for seating, a coffee condiment bar and a little window for peeking into the kitchen. 

In the cookie display there are big fluffy cookies of at least 10 variates.  Big, round and lacking the one thing I personally look for in a cookie... GBD. Golden Brown Delicious color. They looked like they had been placed through an instagram filter set on super cute vintage wash out. I should have turned around, but everyone keeps talking about them so I HAD TO TRY THEM.

The menu is big and bright showcasing their cookies, milk, coffee and ice cream offerings. All handwritten on a giant antiqued chalkboard. Cookies range at about $3.00 each with milk and coffee ranging at the same and up from there.

After looking at the cookies, I was determined to sample at least three. This month, their cookie of the month is Pumpkin Pie, so I picked one and after much debating I picked out a chocolate peanut butter and a classic chocolate chip. I didn't stay there to eat but the staff was friendly and quick with service. The cookies are baked onsite and fresh.

On the way home I decided to take a nibble from the pumpkin pie cookie and see what was all up in there. With the first bite I was a little let down. The cookie was TOO SWEET. Like, almost too much sugar, which I didn't know how that is possible. The cookie is also chewy, but not in a "MMMM chewy (BIG SMILES)" way. It's chewy in a "Is this underbaked?" way.

One thing that I have noticed about going to culinary school is that I am hyper-critical of all bakeries. I know that I like and I know what I'm looking for. I'm open to everything, but I'll call a spade a spade. With that, these cookies... I decided to give them another go since I had 2.75 uneatten cookies in my possession. Can't just throw them away!

So the next morning I had the chocolate chip cookie with a tall glass of milk. Biting in was good, still noting the par-bakedness. I slowly made my way to the middle and back out again. Half-way through I decided that I'm not a fan. At all. And now I'm bummed. Bummed that I just don't get it and am disappointed. I'm thinking "did I miss something?" "Should I call them and let them know their cookies are underbaked?" "Do I let them know their cookies need a cup less of sugar?"

The answer to all these questions is no. I'm fine. I just don't enjoy them as much as everyone else. The shop is cute, the people are nice, the prices are reasonable. I just don't like them.

Kinda bummed but you can't win them all.



Milk Jar Cookies
5466 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90036

P.S. All photos are from Milk Jar Cookies or Yelp!


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