Friday Favorites - October 4th


Holy Moly! It's October! Fall is kinda sorta not really but a little creeping its way into Southern California and it's pretty wonderful because I hates me the Summetimes heat.

With that, here are my favorite hits around the web!

* Awesome Day of the Dead crafts with my favorite being the beautiful alter to a lost mother.\

* Owls? October? Calendar? YES PLEASE.

* Baking powder. Baking Soda. There is a difference and it's kinda important.

* Thug Notes is kind of the best ever. Books and amazingness.

* Test your Nightmare Before Christmas knowledge, then go watch the movie. Again. And Again until Christmas.

* Just some wholesome Halloween Costumes to give you nightmares ideas.

* New way to make one of my most favorite cocktails!

* HalloweenTime at my favoritest place ever? YES PLEASE!

* Guillermo del Toro, one of my favorite directors ever, made this bit of awesome. Watch it multiple times. It's way amazing. 



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