Friday Faves - October 11th


Like this week, we're just diving in! Friday Faves!

Hit it skip!

* David Heyman talks Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

* I need to travel Route 66. Creepy Flintstones amusement park is a MUST.

* UGH. Holly Madison got married INSIDE POTC. Perfect Disneyland wedding!  Well, almost. ;)

* Have you seen the latest LeSportSac "it's a small world" bag collection? It's pretty adorable and  Nicole over at Sparkly Ever After is hosting a great give away for one of these delightful bags!

* New Spooky-Times Mickey short is adorable and funny. 

* This amazing cake:

* Universal Orlando released a new HP expansion poster. I died.

It's been a geeky and hectic week for me. Here's to a nice weekend!


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