Geek Photo A Day - Sept 2013


Darla from Bakingdom has been working her way though a picture a day for the entire calendar year. As a result, she has come up with daily photo challenges and grouped them up into monthly challenges.
I decided to join in for the month of September.


While monthly photo challenges seem like fine, there are days that they are a downright pain. They feel sooooo forced and discouraging. To be honest, I was really afraid of annoying my "followers".


But then I just put these apprehensions aside and went for it.
Sometimes a day late, some got minimal likes and one or two were just downright deletable.

#geekphotoaday - day 15 - #IWantThis : Our proper yearly #Disney vacation. It won't happen until 2015 though.  #playingcatchup


#geekphotoaday - day 12 - #IfICouldDoAnything : always thinking that so I am doing it. Attending Culinary School as we speak. Bam. Food geek dream come true. #lecordonbleu

With the month winding down, I can say that I am having SO MUCH FUN! I play with new apps, use the heck out of some faves, explore the hastag daily to see what everyone else is up to and give the day a little bit of extra thought.

#geekphotoaday day 08 - #holdsyourheart. He's the bread to my butter. @robby431

Catching up to yesterday! #geekphotoaday: Day 07 - #coins! Had to go into my vault at #gringotts for a #galleon, #sickle and #knut! #harrypotter #diagonalley #abeautifulmess

#geekphotoaday - day 19 - #planet: I pulled a few AMAZING cake and cupcake planets. I'm inspired! Reminded me of @spacebean. ⭐

#geekphotoaday - day 22 - #autumn. A bit of how we've been spending our day.

I'm waiting to see what she has in store for October and might be planning on joining a "foodie" based one.

Keep an eye instagram to see what develops!

#geekphotoaday - day 27 - #adventureidoutthere. I need a vacation please. #latergram #sky #airplane

#geekphotoaday - day 26 - #keep



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