AFTER THE WICKED CARNIVAL - Birthday and Vending Event

 This past weekend I participated in a birthday/art/vending event, AFTER THE WICKED CARNIVAL by Melissa L. Finch.

It was a really cool event that brought together artist of all mediums in a carnival themed environment house in a neighborhood bar in Long Beach, Que Sera. I was invited to sell baked goods (CUPCAKES) and sell jewelry. I had a little table in the vending room to set up shop! It also allowed for a great vantage to see and hear all the live acts. My mind was blown by the acts that took stage and I loved the DJ.

 In the vending room, the mood was set with art and jewelry by Melissa L. Finch. Alongside us, there were live Tarrot Card Readings where fortunes were read and minds were blown.

For this event, I baked up two cupcakes for YUMMY LOVE. The first was a cotton candy cupcake! Real cotton candy in the batter and the buttercream frosting. Sweet tooth to the max!

The second was a lot more grown up! An Irish Car bomb cupcake. Chocolate Guinness cake, filled with Irish Whiskey Chocolate Ganache, topped with Bailey's Irish Cream buttercream frosting. Dudes, yes.

Representing MOOSYPOODLE with new hair bobbles, earrings and necklaces. Keep a lookout in the store for pieces inspired by this event. :)

 We had a super fun evening. Kinda scared going into it as it was my first jewelry vending event and my second cupcake event. However, it was nice and fun. It also helped to have a full bar 10 feet away. ;)



(MOST of these photos were stolen from Melissa or Robert. heh)


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