Hair Advetures - Part 1

So nervous about what is happening. It's been well over a decade since anyone has cut my hair...

A few weeks ago I took a HUGE step and got a hair cut.

Just a background on my hair relationship.
I grew up with a mother who wasn't too sure what to do with my hair. I was a stubborn kid who wouldn't help take care of it and after some questionable cuts, we decided to straighten my hair for the next forever. After years of having my hair chemically straightened and my scalp burned or forehead burned, I decided to cut all my dead, damaged hair off right before my Senior Prom. I had a tiny afro and loved it.

I can't remember to clearly, but I think I may have cut my hair once or twice since the big cut in 2000. A few years later I had a huge freak out and pulled a chunk of my hair, cut it, gasped and put the scissors down. I then decided to only bleach the underside of my head for a while... I was being so daring.

longest short week ever...

A bit after that I decided that a blonde, red and pink whole head of hair was the right thing for me. Spent about two years of bleaching and dying my hair and never really taking care of it. Finally I decided to stop and dyed it close to my natural hair color. With all this, never cutting my hair. This brings us to now.

I like wearing my hair down and free. I like how it feels but I'm not big into how it was looking. I kind of use it to hide my weight too. It had no shape and the ends are all fuzzy and grew balls when I hadn't brushed it out in a while! BALLS!
I also seem to have a cow lick... so it was just too much. Everything is so... FUZZY. So I just kept it back in a poof or a bun on my head.




So a few days after this last photo, I went to the salon. I sat down, poured out my hair hart and got my hair did. Having someone else wash you hair is AMAZING. I also sat for a deep conditioning. April, my hair angel, cut off a bit over an inch so I wouldn't "freak out", as she said, and I left with a bunch of product in my wet hair to let it air dry. I emphasized to her that I do not own a hair dryer and do not really intend to unless needed.

Fresh from the salon.

6-8 hours later, still damp

A few hours later, I was still iffy with still wet hair and started hiding it. I went to bed super freaked out and regretting it. However, EVERYONE at work was commenting about how awesome it looked. My friends who saw photos were giving me words of encouragement. I was only thinking "HOW DO I HIDE?!?!"
The new few days it got better. The product calmed down and I had my first wash. I let it air dry and alternated with putting it up and keeping it down. It feels happy and alive. I'm growing into it and really do love my hair.
Our plan it to grow it out. Grow it out big but I don't want an afro. I just want long natural curly hair. There is still a bunch of ends that need cutting but we are taking it slow. I go back next month to cut and take care of it.
I'm actually really looking forward to it and loving growing it out.

Taking one this hair adventure! Maybe the body will follow...

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