Friday Favorites - April 13th

Hello Hello!

Let's just jump into it!


* Check out the Mind of Mirrors Kickstarter page! I'd strongly insist you strongly consider donating.

* Fiesta Bean Salad from SkinnyTaste is an absolute must. Easy and fresh, we enjoyed this immensely.

* Jurassic Park dress? Yes please, I'll take on and a cute pair of bowed flats.

* Game of Thrones Fanart of the Khaleesi. It's perfect. Derpy and perfect.

* Article on how Casey Anthony is the scum of society.

* ""...Wait, how do you use these things? "Unnecessary" quotes. Ha!

* Ashley Katchadourian, you were supposed to be watching the door. I'm seriously obsessed with The Most Popular Girls in School.

Happy Weekend!




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