WDW 2013 - Trip Report: Be Our Guest

Day 2

On the first Sunday of our trip, we had dinner reservations at Be Our Guest in New Fantasyland. We were very much looking forward to this and it did not disappoint.
Based on a friends suggestion, we attempted to check in for our reservation 30 min early only to find out that the earliest they would check us in was 10 min before our reservation. So after coming back to check in, we were told that they were running 30 min behind but we could check in.
We were given a buzzer and directed into the waiting area on the bridge to the castle.

DSC00017 DSC00019  DSC00026

This area is simple and detailed. Does that make sense? It's simply decorated but detailed at the same time. Beautiful rock work and as it turns out, a very unique view of the fireworks that happen right above the Beasts Castle! At least that broke up our wait a bit.

Day 2 Day 2

Once we were buzzed over to the gate, we were lead into the castle. First through a beautiful archway and into the enormous ballroom.

Day 2


Day 2

Beautiful and amazing, the high ceiling is decorated with the beautiful cherub mural of the film and topped with three beautiful chandeliers. The far wall opens into floor to ceiling windows which have a view of a snowy French countryside. It's literally snowing while you eat.


Day 2

Day 2

We were lead into the Masters Quarters or the West Wing, which to my understanding is forbidden but they sat us there anyway. This room is dark and moody with tattered drapes (one of which has a hidden mickey) and the Masters portrait. As the center piece of this room, the Enchanted Rose and mirror sit in the far corner of the room, draped in a lovely blue light. Every 15 or so minutes a petal falls and the room reveals a few hidden surprises.




We started off our meal with a cup of Onion Soup. YUM YUM YUM!! Of course, no photo taken as I pretty much dipped my face into it and then proceeded to chew, swallow and choke on a giant glob of cheese for about 5 min while to trying to retain my sexy mystic for my boyfriend.

Day 2  Day 2

Main course was "Masters Favorite" of the Grilled NY Strip Steak. I ordered mine with the mac and cheese and Robert got it as ordered with Pomme Frites.

He bit into his steak and started with the wonderful beatuiful end, while I stated on the gnarly end of the steak. There were just... bits of things. Maybe Gaston did The Beast a solid and buckshot some steak from him. Because now we hunt cows.
Anyway, we eventally met in the middle and had a glorious steak experiance then we both ended on opposite notes. But over all, good steak.

Day 2

The mac and cheese was yummy. I believe it had a mix of four cheeses but I don't remember because something amazing and unexpected happened. Truffle mayo.
WHHHHHHHAT? Yes. Because truffle is the new "it" thing in the land of cooking, someone shaved some and mixed it with mayo and put it next to the Pomme Frites and I then put it in my mouth and it was magical. I apologize for that sentence but I need you to understand how yummy and delightful this was. It really was.

I heard about The Grey Stuff, from the dishes. They assured us it was delicious. So for dessert we requested some for our early 2 year anniversary celebration. We were also presented with the dessert cart. We ended up picking the Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake.

Day 2

The Grey Stuff was creamy and sweet with a flavor that was a bit difficult to pin down. Turns out it's a cookies and creme mousse. It was silky and just fun with a very cute presentation.

Day 2

The Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake was a shortcake cupcake filled with creamy strawberry mousse topped with a creamy cream cheese frosting and a huge strawberry. It was very yummy and did not disappoint.

Day 2

During our meal, I sipped on a glass of yummy Riesling that did not distract from anything that I was eating. I'm not fancy, I don't pair foods and wine often.

During our meal, the Master himself stopped by and waved to his guests. After our meal we were told that he would be available for us to meet him and take photos. We were also allowed to tour the castle.
Turns out there is a third dining room, but this was closed to guest for a private event. Next time!

We ran around and took photos. Soaking in the details before heading over to meet our wonderful host.
We were directed into an armor room which was not crowded with a handful of guests. We talked to a hostess who was very excited to be assisting The Beast. Once it was our turn, I put down my purse and as I looked up the Beast turned and opened his arms, making a "come here" motion. I power walked right into them for a very lovely hug. We had a moment. It was great.

Screen shot 2013-01-28 at 5.41.15 PM


After a few photos we continued to tour the castle and reluctantly left for the night.

Day 2  Day 2 Day 2

Over all it was a great meal with wonderful service and AMAZING atmosphere. We loved every bit of it and are looking forward to going back.

Day 2




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