WDW 2013 - EPCOT or what I ate at World Showcase

Since we jumped around the parks, I figured I would jump around in posts. Keeps it fresh and helps me not lose my mind.

WDW 2013

On our arrival night, EPCOT stayed up late and greeted us. I have to say that SpaceShip Earth is the first WDW icon I laid eyes on and it always holds them. I can't get enough of it and I love the attraction it holds. She also do not have a bad angle.

WDW 2013 WDW 2013 
WDW 2013 WDW 2013

Of course it was the first attraction we hit up. The education, the smells, the silly video at the end. Love Love Love Spaceship Earth!

WDW 2013 DSC09723

While at EPCOT, we made sure to thoroughly walk all of World Showcase. Which I felt I missed out on the last visit. Racking up the miles on my feet was also a plus.

First that I was stunned with was England! We walked in and out of cute shops and into beautiful gardens. I was absolutely stunned and fell in love. Ended up spending a good many minutes in the TWININGS Tea House. I was smelling teas and trying to decided which ones to take. I ended up picking up a multipack, English Afternoon and The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. SOOOOO YUMMY!
We also popped into the local pub which wasn't open for the day yet. I will make sure to visit on the next visit. 

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Onwards to France where we walked the cobbled stone streets and landed at the new bakery and cafe. OHHHHHHH, my mouth is watering just thinking of it. We popped in for a small bite since we had Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian later that day as well as dinner in Canada that night.



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Oh goodness! The bakery cannot be missed. Super nice cast members and beyond delicious pastries.  Both visits I ended up with a ham and cheese croissant with either a lemon meringue tart or a creme brulee. The  creme brulee was not at the right consistency but was yummy in flavor. It was almost a deal breaker though. I still ate it, let's not get it twisted.

We wound our way through Canada and it's beautiful waterfall, Morocco with it's hidden treasures and China with it's colorful shops!
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In Germany we stopped to pick up some gluhwein. Gluhwein is warmed spiced red wine and it is DELICIOUS. It was a bit chilly in the evening and a perfect excuse to grab a cup.



In Italy we stopped in at Via Napoli for some pizza. We got mixed reviews on the pizza and found that while not bad it wasn't as expected. I will say that the next morning the left overs were delicious though. MMM cold pizza.

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Of course we visited our favorite temple in Mexico. This visit we didn't eat inside but did have a nice plate of nachos at the quick service before riding the Grand Fiesta Tour. It's a really wacky ride that makes zero sense but I really enjoy it everytime.


My ultimate love of all loves is in Norway - Maelstrom!!! A ride on a viking boat through the beauty, wonder and magic of Norway. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. At the conclusion of the attraction, there is a 5 min video about the spirit of Norway which is so bizarre and LOUD. I suggest watching it once, because it's kinda awesome.

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This trip we made it a point to eat in the Japan Pavilion. While we didn't have reservations at the main restaurant, we did go to the quick service. Really nice atmosphere with friendly service, I enjoyed sitting and eating a bowl of teriyaki chicken and miso. We shared some sushi and ended the meal with some extra yummy creamy green tea cheesecake. Totally inspired me to make at home. It was crust-less and silky. So not super sweet and just like macha. Cannot wait to make my own.


In Future World we rode the new redesigned Test Track. I'd only ridden the original once maybe twice before but I have to admit that I loved this new one much more. We were given "SIM" cards and able to design our own car. Once queued to get into the test car, we tap the card on a receiver and the riding guests cars are raced as we physically wind through the test track.
The visuals are stunning and simple. We pretty much were in TRON and visited the Grid. It was great.

WDW 2013  WDW 2013


We paid a visit to Living With The Land, which I always enjoy. I absolutely love the green house and the various plants and animals that are being grown/used in these controlled environments.




Our heart really does belong to EPCOT and it's wonderful message. We're both super bummed that one does not exist on the West Coast. It's truly wonderful and different from all the other parks.

WDW 2013






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