Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring Dapper Day 2013

We are ready for #DapperDay! #disneyland #wardrobe #fancytimes #firsttimedressingaboy

This past Sunday we attended Dapper Day at Disneyland. It's an unofficial event hosted twice a year.


Those participating dress in "retro" attire as seen in photos of the early years of Disneyland. We had a super amazingly fun times.



I picked up my dress from Pin-Up Girl Clothing. Luckily they have a store in Burbank. It was the only dress I tried on twice and fell in love with. It reminds me of the Mad T Party so much as well, which was a plus. I got a few compliments from ladies that were beautifully dressed, so that was nice.


We pieced together my boyfriend's outfit from several thrift store in Hollywood, Burbank and Glendale. I was SUPER stoked that it all came together in the end and how handsome he looked and felt. Even if he wont admit it.


We had lunch at the Blue Bayou with my best friends, Nicole and Vinny. Who were absolutely dashing in their outfits.

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We ended up meeting a few friends for drinks and laughs, as well as some photobombing, at Carthay Circle lounge before heading over to Tower of Terror. After parting from our friends, we caught one Mad T Party set and headed home earlier than usual.


It was a lot of fun (after my outfit/body breakdown) to dress up and go all out for our favorite destination.

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Looking forward to the next one and I may actively Disneybound at the next one, and in life.




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