WDW Trip Report - Packing and Flying out

WDW 2013

How do you pack for 9 days?
Well, you over pack if you are me. I packed all the cardigans, all the socks, all the jeans, all the t-shirts, comfy dresses and all the things. Mainly because I thought it would be in the low 60's because everything lead me to believe that Florida would have Inthia-friendly weather. Well, I over packed and didn't need all the hoodies, scarves, leg warmers or cute but comfy warm things I had packed. 
Whatever, it's fine. I was fine. I tried to not complain about the weather, but I did. A lot. I even wrote a song about it. It'll be a hit one day. You can say you knew me when.

I made sure to pack my essentials for the iphone and iphonography! First is the ever important and awesome OLLOCLIP. They are a bit expensive, but so much fun to use. Since I use my iphone as my main camera (because I cannot afford fancy stuff), I totally love this little 3 lens gadget! On the trip I did lose the little baggy it comes with, so I ended up buying a really cute coin purse from the Japan Pavilion in EPCOT.


I mainly used the fisheye lens throughout the trip. It does come with a macro and wide angle, but I preferred the fisheye. Paired with my favorite apps, I got some fun photos that I'm sure have been seen but were pleasing to me.

WDW 2013

 Day 3

WDW 2013

Second I made sure to pick up an external battery pack which was a lifesaver. The Kensington Mini Battery extender through Amazon.com. This little guy boosted an extra 50-40% battery life in about 20 min.

On Friday morning we made our way down to LAX super early because I'm paranoid about being late and having to go through TSA. What if it takes FOREVER? So we got there early, checked our bags an headed to our gate.
Our flight was delayed about and hour or so. So we sleepily moved gates and waiting to board.

WDW 2013

Finally we headed to Florida with me in the window seat. We had a very nice seat mate who was in LA for business.

WDW 2013

We arrived in the late evening with our old friend EPCOT being open to resort guests until 11pm. After washing up we paid EPCOT a visit.

BUT NOT IN THIS POST! I decided to go by park instead of by day because it makes it much more manageable. So tune in next time for EPCOT goodness and a Friday Faves of WDW magnitude.




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