WDW 2013 Trip Report - Preview

WDW 2013

Back to reality. After 9 wonderful days, we are back from our vacation to Disney World.  It was great and relaxing and as all vacations go, not long enough. Heh.

WDW 2013

We spent all but one day at the Disney parks and resorts. We visited Hogwarts for a full day, which was BEYOND magical in itself.
We ate so much yummy stuff and saw so many beautiful and whimsical things. It was a vacation at our own pace and just what we both needed.

It gave me, actually both of us, some time to clear my head and start to figure out what I want. I pushed myself with walking and trying to make better food choices. Yup, I was pretty conscience of what I was putting into my body the entire time.

Day 1

More on this later, YUM YUM YUM

In the next few days expect some of my over packing tips, food adventures, high tea times, hilarious on ride photos, and magical happenings.

Day 3

I have notes, but my brain is still swimming.

This is going to be fun.





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