New Year, New You?? Ok, one more time...


It's a new year and with it comes so much hope and commitment to making THIS year count. Sounds so familiar and it's now becoming a ritual. At least for me.

I have two resolutions. Both of which I haven't really spoken about but one is my continued struggle. Let's not name names but let us also call a spade a spade. It is what it is.

Weight Watchers just released their new 360 program designed to change and control your surroundings, recognize "triggers" and making the "program" work for you. Every day you tick off what you've completed, changes you made for that day, and every week it reminds you of the progress you've made. It gives you little badges and lets you know you are making changes in your life that affect how you feel about yourself, your body and your mind. It's pretty awesome and something my leader of forever years has been teaching us from the start. I'm glad the rest of the company took notice and is now making this their main push.
When I step back and think about it, I'm working towards lifetime status so I don't have to pay and I can continue the program. Weight Watchers will always be a part of my life.

Special K has a great IDEA behind their latest campaign. I did check out their plan and of course it involves eating all their products. Ok, cool guys. No thanks though. However, Special K asking what I want to gain is amazing! I mean, I know why I want to lose weight. But I never thought of what I want to gain. In those terms exactly. So when I thought about it, all of it was positive and surprisingly not for vanity. Well, entirely. I don't want someone to say, as my friend put it, "wow, you look skinny." If my weight loss is addressed, I'd prefer it be in a healthier way.

So I weighed in and am now logging my food. I've taken up walking and then some. Trying to make it just part of what I do for the day. I firmly believe this is a life style change. It's the only way that I know that I can keep it off and be comfortable.

My second resolution goes hand in hand but won't manifest until later this year. If it happens, YOU WILL ALL KNOW.

So I'm doing and letting myself fail without kicking myself. I'm trying and retrying. I'm not being perfect because I am certainly an imperfect being. I'm Inthia.

We have a major vacation coming up and I didn't get any were near my goal of weight loss for it, but I'm working on not thinking of the negatives. I don't want to look at photos again and yelp inside. I'm working on this.

So here I go again, on the road to a new you for a new year on my own with a little help from my friends and a lot of support from my boyfriend. Thanks guys!

May all our resolutions lead to different resolutions 12 months from now.




  1. I think that, no matter what the outcome of your resolution is, when you look at your photos you need to see what the rest of us see: a happy young woman who is much beloved by her friends and is living her life in the most joyous way that she can.


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