Back to it: Friday Favorites - Nov 30th


Hello Hello Hello!

I took an unscheduled break from Owls and Apples. Still recovering, adjusting and needing to organize my thoughts, but I figured what better way to jump in than with a Friday Faves post?

* Haters guides to Williams-Sonoma and Anthorpologie. 100% accurate and yesssss.

* Pretty Rosemary Thumbprint cookies filled with Clementine curd. Really, these are lovely looking.

* Apple yogurt cake is both pretty and yummy. It's apple season... right? I can't believe I said that.

* Jessica takes road trips and always finds AMAZING things to adorn her house. Really, just amazing and happy.

* She also deconstructed a doily and it makes me want need a sewing machine.

* Absolute kitchen envy. Butcher blocks, stenciled tiles and a wooden fridge! UGH, WANT.

* Weight Watchers is unvailing a new plan this Sunday/Monday. Guess this is the best time as always to get back on the wagon.

* Disney Travel Babble is my new favorite Disney Vacation blog. I'm waiting on baited breath for an update. I'm a stalker.

Happy Weekend!


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