Geeky Review: {INTRO} Harry Potter Wizard's Collection Blu Ray & DVD set

So this just arrived. Brb fangirling. #harrypotter #wizardscollection

A few weeks ago the Harry Potter Wizards Collection box set showed up in the early evening. A most welcomed and loved gift.

This set comes in a gorgeous box filled with drawers, boxes and hidden compartments. There are 8 movies total with 4 discs each. All have a DVD and BluRay copy, and two special features disc with the last two forth disc being the Blu Ray 3D copy.  Included are several magical artifacts, digital codes and 2 booklets.

I've really mulled over how to present this or if I should even write a review. I tried to recruit other friends who had the same box set to no avail. So I decided to do it my way and write a really lengthy review. But it'll be broken up into parts. I've decided to proceed with reviewing each movie separately. Taking a look at all the available discs and their features; don't worry, it won't be super in depth. They will be pretty simple with accompanying photos. Once the movies have been reviewed, I'll move on the the artifacts and where to find them. After that the booklets and anything else I find along the way. :)


I'm super excited and hope you'll enjoy it too!




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