friday faves: october 5th


Is it Fall weather yet? No... ok... :(

* Haunted Mansion replica house is up for sale. Let's make dreams happen, people.

* Need a Halloween costume? Well, here ya go.

* I really don't need to explain this.

* CMM (my boyfriend's site) posted this GORGEOUS portrait of The Bride Of Frankenstein.

* EW covers spoilers and timelines. When is it okay to reveal a spoiler? I'm of the never mindset, but I'm also way guilty. :/

* No-Bake stuffed cookie doughballs from Picky Palate. I'm the only person left in the universe that has no idea what biscoff cookies are. Adding to bucketlist.

* Tassel scarf? DIY? Yes please. On it.

* Last week I received my first set of business cards and stickers from Moo Cards. They are WONDERFUL. This week I handed my first one out to a non-friend friend, just a super awesome coworker, like it was NBD. But it is. It way is.

Business cards! WHOAAAAA

Coming next week!
Frankenweenie DCA preview and exhibit post
DIY cupcake/cake stand tutorial. One of two!




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