friday faves: october 27th


* Sexy Disney Costumes gone wrong? Yes, pretty much. Let's get back to scary, inventive, cosplay and awesome. Sexy Nemo?!?! *sigh*

* Yummy Apple Cider Slushies! I'd add bourbon... but that's just me. 

* Handpainted Frankenweenie cupcakes! So beautiful and yummy looking.

* WDW is still trying to compete with Butterbeer... I fully support this endevor. Not Lefou's Brew though. What the eff is that? I'll have to try it at CarsLand.

* DIY versatile shelving! Seems simple enough, famous last words?

* Red Velvet Swirl brownies, yum!

* Parmesan Scalloped Potato Stacks. I'm obsessed with cooking potatoes in muffin tins. This is perfect.

* An open letter to Ann Coulter, because she refuses to use her big girl words.

* Controversial Skinny Minnie. I see where it lies, but it doesn't bother me. 

* I refuse to move onto Christmas until next month BUT these ornaments are lovely. I'll be hunting for these.

* The Unique Ladies is looking for backers on Kickstarter. Help support this amazing documentary. 

***** I don't apologize for the 16 year old in me and her love of this ridiculous commercial. SNL provided a great parody this past weekend too. I will forever celeb crush this man. Fact.

Coming Soon to O&A:

* I've been watching researching the Harry Potter Wizards Collection for a review post. It'll involve crying, butterbeer, magic, crying and awesome.  

* Still have Halloween and more Disneyland and more iphone stuff!




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