friday faves: October 19th

* A video of lovely ladies that is uplifting and positive and normal!

* These ladies are perfect. PERFECT.

* Bros and scares... scared bros. I love it.

* Zombie scarecrow! It's pretty wonderful.

* Spooky Places on Facebook is a great photo community of amazingly haunted and beautiful places.  Perfect for Halloween.

* Hocus Pocus is awesome! Here 23 reasons why!

* Halloween Brownies! Now to add pumpkin...

* Fun and awesome Halloween art by Nicole Sloan!!!

* How-to ghost photoshoping. Very awesome.

* New JK Rowling interview on Inside Pottermore! Be right back, geeking out. :D

* Are you in San Francisco? Go to the Wes Anderson themed art show! I'd go if I could.

*Adorable Wall-E photo project on Flickr!

Coming soon to O&A:
Grown-up pumpkin drink (To be named)
Pumpkin Carving
Super special Disneyland trip
Halloween at Disneyland
More Halloween goodness
Health update (trust me, not exciting)
iPhonography app/gadget reviews (YES, MANY)

Happy Weekend!




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