Friday Faves: Sept 28th

Ready for roasting. #foodporn #veggies #yum

* Best photobomb ever? Yes. What a cutie! 

* Wanna see something pretty and geeky? Bakingdom search term "Harry Potter". You're welcome.

* JK Rowling released a new book this week: A Casual Vacancy. Yeah, I'm not reading my blog either.

* We started watching Once Upon A Time this weekend and I'm head-over-heels in love with this show. Is it my new LOST? I dunno, but I do know that I love Mary Margaret's fashion. Mary Margaret's Fashion on Tumblr is excellent. I haven't gone too far in. Waiting until I'm all caught up on season 1. BTW, how amazingly fierce is The Evil Queen's wardrobe. *dies*

* Search "Weight Watchers" on Youtube. There is some motivational stuff in there.

* Speaking of motivational. Julia Kozerski's Changing Room documents her 160lb weight loss over a year in department store changing rooms. It's quite moving and inspiring.  Her work as a whole is mind blowing.

* Eat Yourself Skinny is a new WW friendly cooking/baking blog that I am WAY excited to dive into. Seriously, how yummy is everything?

* FaceoftheEarth is a wonderful shop on Etsy. Amazing terrariums! I love the Halloween/Beetlejuice themed ones the most.

* Ntitled is a wonderful FB page dedicated to yummy food and photos that tease your eyes.

* Ring of Fire Hot Sauce has amazing photos of two of my favorite things: Disney and Food!

* Owls and Apples news: Passed over 4000 views this week! How awesome is that? It means so much to me and I want to say thank you. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read. Thank you to my Google+ sharer and linkers! I dunno who you are, but I see the links back. Totally makes my day.

Happy Weekend!




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