friday favorites: Aug 31st

Arriving home last night

Summer is almost over and everyone is cherishing these fleeting moments. I, however, an waiting for its death rattle so I can dance on its grave! It's a thing Summer and I do. Every year. Same thing. No hard feelings.

Onward to the favorites!

 * Shutterbean has an deliciously awesome  Shredded Rainbow Salad. Will be making this on Saturday for our trip to the Hollywood Bowl!

* Not exactly a favorite, but slowly becoming accustomed to it. Well. It's a new list making social app. It's still working itself out, but seems a bit more promising as days go by. I've made a baking list, Yummy Love list and a Disneyland Bucketlist! All are open for suggestions that you can add or comment on. Kinda feels better than keeping a running list on the iPhone, but kinda not. Going to give it a few more weeks.

* Joy The Baker has an excellent 4th part to her on-going "Notes to Self" series: Fear

* Speaking of JoB, this week I received my first ENJOY package from Lost Crates. Seriously wonderful. I love mail and I love new things. So it's worth the little self present. Just cutting out down the Starbucks.

* There is an owl on the interwebs made of fruit that everyone feels I need to see and own. Forever. I received over 5 links to it in under 24 hours. I'm happy my friends got my back.

* T.Hanks is probably cooler than you dad. Seriously.

* The trailer for a short film I helped out on is now up and ready to be seen! It was a fun shoot and I should like an a-hole using industry terms like I know what's going on. I don't but it was really fun to be included even if all I did was apply anti-shine powder to faces all day.

Summon Teaser from Cyclops on Vimeo.

Happy a happy Friday and an awesome long weekend!



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