Friday Favorites: Aug 24th

Rocking out in the car before work. #wizardrock #harrypotter

My favorites for the week!

- One of my favorite people is going through the fight of her life and is sharing it with us.
Her husband is helping her document her journey.
Here she is Rocking the Bald.

Rock the Bald from Imp House on Vimeo.

- I need Summer to end, NEED, but these s'mores cupcakes from Betty Crocker are a great treat. I kinda want Summer to stay a little longer. No, not really.

- Alan Rickman, tea, slow motion. This is awesome and will make you day that much more amazing.

- Two Peas and Their Pod have this inspiring Guacamole Grilled Cheese Sandwich! I made it with perfectly baked fries and used my own personal guacamole recipe. Totes the yums.

- I passed 13,000 tweets! WHAAAA. Who knew I had so much to tweet.

Short and sweet. Happy Weekend!



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