Friday Faves: August 3rd

This might be happening on our summery themed bed right now. #justgothappier #dca #oswald #disney #whatwouldwaltdo

Favorites from this past week!

Around the Web!

The Coolest Pavement EVER!

(photo by Tom Bricker)

Tom Bricker and his wife Sarah run Disney Tourist Blog, a wonderful WDW and Disneyland trip site. They provide great trip reports, amazing photos and useful travel, dinning and photography tips. Detailed and personable trip reports take you along their adventures. Awesome Disney community jem.

Day 1998

(photo by evaxebra)

Ewa is another Flickr photographer who is awesome. Pretty simple. She just celebrated her 2000th of 365 days photo a day post! Take a moment to see the world through zebra stripes.

Butterbeer Business

Came home sick  & napped for a few hrs. Woke up to a wonderful gift from #whimsically! #butterbeer #harrypotter

In honor of JK Rowling and Harry Potters Birthday, the boy picked up some Butterbeer on the way home from work this week. We split one, put a full one away to keep and the others are chilling in the fridge.
It's surprisingly light, slightly fizzy and pretty much butterscotch cream soda. I liked sipping on this late at night while we watched the Olympics. It didn't bring me back to Hogwarts, but it was still delightful and refreshing.

Fancy Things

I've recently become intrigued by the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 point and shoot camera after reading this review. It seems like a pretty perfect point and shoot.

My parting shot for the week is this questionable outfit from a local news anchor...

Local news anchor LOOKS NAKKID. #offtosleep #nbc4



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