Weekly Recap: July 13

Flowers from the Hollywood Farmers Market.

This week was about adventures, not counting points, avoiding WW and being really hard on myself.

Getting WW stuff out of the way... CONFESSION: I weigh myself every few days to gauge myself, reality check and obsess. Then on Saturdays I go weigh-in at WW, sit through a meeting and start the cycle all over again. I'm inspired and motivated until I have to interact with the public and it all goes down hill. But it's my decision and my actions. So I'm owning up and taking baby steps to make it better. With that said, I totally crushed my last 5 lb goal by gaining back about 1/2 of it. I didn't go to WW last week, but plan to go tomorrow and own up and move on.

Ok... Adventures in food. To be honest, with the exception of the donuts, beer, wine, cake, and tortilla chips with a side of fries and hotdog that I over indulged in, this week in food was pretty positive and ... lesson learning? I knowingly tried a new avocado with a second one waiting for me as we speak. I picked up some new leafy greens and fell in love with a new creamy cheese.

Dandelion Greens

Untitled  Untitled

I visited the Hollywood Farmers Market for the first time this past week. I was inspired and excited. My friend and I picked our way through and gabbed and pretty much rocked the joint up. Heh. Whatever that means.
I picked up some dandelion greens because the seem new and exciting and kitschy. Someone could look over and ask what I was eating and I can say "A WEEEEEDDDD!" but then I tried it several different ways. Have to admit, not into it. At all. It's more bitter than flavorful. I paired it with sweet and savory. Wilted and cooked down also crispy fresh with fruit and veggies. This was a no thank you all around. I'm open to other people feeding me this, but I'm cool to never try it out in my kitchen again.

Burrata Cheese

It's like the saltiness of feta cheese, the smoothness of mozzarella cheese and the creaminess of life itself made a baby and I ate it with meaty Roma tomatoes, basil and olive oil. It was amazing.

I failed to take any photos. It was that good. Google it.

Bacon Avocado

It's amazing and creamy and ... NUTTY. WHAAAA. Totes. I said it. It's a nutty creamy less buttery version of the beloved and well known HAAS Avo. I put it on some homemade wheat bread from Homeboys Industries, sprinkled it with salt and fresh cracked pepper.


I'm looking forward to making it into guacamole.

The rest of the week consisted of fresh and light food. It was good.

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  1. Burrata is my favorite! We should do a Burrata 'party' one night and just have various barrata combos with yummy veggies and herbs. Yum!


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