Making and Achieving goals


I'm not too sure if I mentioned this before, but I'm focusing on 5lb goals. Within these goals, I assess what I did right, what I did wrong, how I'm feeling and what I'd like to change or not change.
This weekend, I hit my first 5lb goal. *insert happy dance here*
I'm feeling really good. I'm tracking. I'm cooking my own meals. I'm drinking water. My skin is loving me. My hair is too (YaY olive oil!) and overall I'm being better to myself. I even wore a cute-ish outfit to work on Friday. Just something that made me feel nice. No big deal. Nope, it kinda is.

After leaving WW, I was inspired and excited. As the day went on, though I wasn't on the right track. I needed to go to the market and make my own food. But we ended up eating fast food, which made my tummy feel heavy and gross. Dinner was better, but not the best. The next day was a food at home day until dinner. But it was the best choice for the time of night, so no regrets there.

Today has been better and I've been assessing. Stepping away and revisiting my hunger. Tomorrow will be the same and I have a game plan worked out to tackle 4th of July. FOR SURE.

Here's to a super positive week!



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