Friday Faves

friday faves

Keeping refreshed and low calorie!

* Starbucks Refreshers - I've had both the in-store and canned kind. I prefer the in-store kind. My fave has to be the Cool Lime and at 2 points for a Venti, it's worth the little caffeine and super artificial flavoring.

Sparkling Ice - I spotted these at the supermarket a few times before picking up a bottle. The same day I was trying one out, I came upon Recipe Girls skinny ice cocktail using Sparkling ICE. I'm going to try it out this weekend since I happen to have the required ingredients in my fridge. :B I rather enjoy them and full understand that they are full of artificial sugar. It's super refreshing and lasts a while as it satisfies my need for fizzy drinks.

* Arrowhead Sparkling Water - So yummy and crisp and fizzy. Meets all my drink requirements without being heavy and syrupy. They are pretty much always on sale and pair up well with meals. I'm a huge fan of the lime raspberry.



Weight Watchers yogurt discontinued itself and joined up with Yopait.  New 2PP Yoplait Light yogurt! It's super tasty and a perfect afternoon snack. There are tons of new flavors and it hits the spot during afternoon cravings. mmmmmmm

In the Kitchen!

This past weekend I made a nectarine and blackbertty galette found on Smitten Kitchen. I paired it with some marscapone cheese and it was yummy. I plan to make it again and sub out some of the sugar for honey and add some fresh basil. I can already smell it and it is glorious. I want to share it with all of you... With a mimosa. Perfect.

Baked and ready. #foodporn #tarts

WW Quick Chicken Carnitas from the WW Power Foods Cookbook

#weightwatchers chicken tacos used in a lower point taco salad! #powerfoods #foodporn

Super easy and yummy. I made them for dinner and paired them with the suggested Montery Jack cheese and a homemade salsa. They were even yummier as a leftover for taco salad. Which was even lower in points.



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