5 Things


It's so much easier to think of negative things and be hard on yourself. I fall into this constantly. It's hard to climb out of that hole, but I heard about daily affirmations and whatnot.

So 5 reminders a day as to why you are awesome. I believe this counts... I'm not a doctor though. So read this, eat two pieces of chocolate and take a nap when you're cranky.

My bill is in the mail.

 * Smile at everyone you make eye contact with. Today, tomorrow, everyday. It will brighten their day as well. A smile never hurts. Really. Oh! and hold doors open for people. It's, like, polite.

* Name one thing you like about yourself and write it down. ANYTHING. Make it different everyday. One day you'll wake up and think "HOLY CRAPPERS! I'M WAY AWESOME(ER)!". Really, you will.

* Eat at least one of your meals in peace. No phone, no computer, no TV. Just you, maybe a friend or a BOOK (OMG), outdoors or in a calm room. Eat, talk, read,  just be human. It's pretty awesome to remember that 15 years ago, you didn't need to instagram or tweet your every thought.

* Look yourself in the eye in the mirror and smile. Simple.

 * LAUGH. In a nice and not evil laughing at someone way.

 Right now, these seem like awesome, amazing, helpful things to do everyday. So I'm going to. You should too.

Cheers! *i


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