Weekly Recap: June 22nd

It's Friday before weigh-in and I just finished my lunch. I'm feeling pretty good about this past week.
I never tracked but I made 5 days worth of meals, had one store bought snack and overindulged in cereal and Yoplait Light or Mousse yogurt, not McDonalds. Seriously, do yourself a favor and pick up some Yoplait Mousse Key Lime or Chocolate. ZOMG.

I learned a neat trick this week that became instinctual. I filled a big tupperware container with salad. It was a big container of mixed greens with cut up (seeded) tomato, (seeded) cucumber, jicama and celery. I added a dressing on the days I was going to eat it. I found that I really like lemon, oil and salt as well as Wish Bone Light Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette.  We had dinners consisting of rosemary chicken, herb rice, turkey tacos, garlic parsley chicken and organic mac and cheese... whatever that means. Everything loaded with veggies and accompanied by a lovely side salad. Lunch was mainly sandwiches made with deli cut ham, low fat deli cut swiss cheese, avocado or LF mayo or laughing cow LF swiss cheese spread. Packed with mixed greens for a crunch. Oh! String cheese is my bff. You have no idea.

This next week will be full of more fresh fruits and more of the same as above. I weighed myself this morning, at home, and found that I'm at the last weight I weighed in at Weight Watchers with about two weeks ago. I'll see tomorrow what the official weight is.

All over I feel better. My body feels better. Swelling and bloating is down and I don't feel gross or full. I've been satisfied and hungry, but never starving or stuffed. I refocused my stress eating and even had a reminder from a coworker.

I think I'll take photos of my food for recaps and products I love. I'll also share some recipes, if I can remember them. :P

Hope you're having a positive Friday!



p.s. I had the first attempt at a butterbeer frap yesterday... butterbeer update coming in the next few days as well as how to order your own!

Update: Down over 3 lbs. Pretty happy and proud of myself. :)


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