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It was brought to my attention that INSTAGRAM has a great social awareness message that pops up when #ANA is searched. Many people battle with eating disorders of all types. Every little bit counts and helps.

This past weekend involved a bunch of apartment beautification and organization. In the process I purged my closet of stuff I never wear, is super unflattering, is falling apart or is too big (GASP). I also put clothing in size order. The goal is to comfortably fit in the smaller section of my wardrobe by end of Fall.

I had hoped end of Summer, but I think that may be unrealistic. yeah...

I didn't try anything on. That's something I'm not mentally prepared for. Especially after our trip to Disneyland this weekend. We took a photo next to the new Storytellers statue. The photographer was really sweet and commented that he liked the composition better in the second photo. When we reviewed the photo, all I noticed was that I was further away. I was less HUGE. (I'll post the offending photos later tonight) It took a lot for me to take the photo. I don't want my first memory of this statue to be of a HUGE CRYING me. Because I did cry. I cried in the middle of Disneyland as I walked from store to store and my awesome boyfriend was sweet and kind and reassured me I wasn't ruining his visit to Disneyland.

This HAS to stop.

Well, I did hop on the scale and found myself down 1.8 from my last weight gain. It's not official until I step on the scale on Saturday at WW. We have a full fridge and I have a fire beneath me, so I'm hoping this well ends with me feeling good. Not just based on the numbers, though.

Not asking for pitty, just documenting to have something to reflect back to. :)
Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the amazing support!

p.s. I'm thinking of writing a tips post on food/habits. If you have any you want to share, message or email me


  1. Hey... 1.8 lost is better than 1.8 gained! I weighed myself yesterday morning and I'm back on WW (full force) as of today. Good luck :)


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