Mid-Week Food Report


I'm in the middle of week two of eating homemade food 5 days a week. Hoping to make it 6 within the next month. It's going really well and with a little library of cookbooks I'm not lacking inspiration. I also decided to take a tiny bowl and plate with me to work so it feels more human and makes my food look even prettier.A few coworkers have been dropping by around dinner time and asking me a few questions on how I made it...

My resources are all over the net, but mainly WeightWatchers.com and SkinnyTaste.com. I'm also a huge fan of Giada and get some ideas from Hungry Girl. But I'm not a huge fan so I stay away.

Small Red Potatoes are filling and yummy! Boil and add salt and olive oil or butter. REAL BUTTER.

At the beginning of the week I made a BIG salad. Picked out a few cups a day and added cheese, orange zest, LF dressing, oil, balsamic or just lemon and salt. Add fresh feta for extra bite!

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WW Orange garlic chicken paired with steamed veggies and 100 cal biscuits. Chicken = 5 pp+ with 3 pp+ potatoes and zero pp+ veggies with 2 pp+ of butter. Excellent awesome dinner. 2pp+ salad on the side. YUM!

3pp+ each

Fresh fruits and veggies as a snack!

It helps to put food into small bowls and small plates. Food is measured and it feels piled high and like you're having a meal every time you put food in your face. MEAL OF FRUIT! It also helps to take a break. You're taking time to nourish and fuel your body. It's nicetimes.



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