Confronting Thursday

This morning I woke up and thought "I'm skipping weigh-in this Saturday. We have early morning plans". About an hour later I thought "No, I can sneak in a visit. Just plop on the scale and dash out. I really love the Weekly Readers." Then I ate some left over pastries from PORTOS. If you must know it was a Raspberry Kiss and a Guava Cheese Strudel. I worked on some house/moving/cleaning and then thought, "NO, not going. BUT..." I found myself in the kitchen prepping to make brownies for a coworker. I made them and walked out of the kitchen with a wooden spoon covered in brownie batter. As I ate it I decided to go to WW this Saturday.

Getting dressed was... interesting. Jeans, a "bigger" shirt, a cardigan and scarf. Did I mention is at least 75 degrees outside. I looked at myself and buttoned up my cardigan.

I'm going to WW. Don't care if the scale moves up. I have loads of fun and stressful activities this weekend and the next week will be full of work and setting up the apartment. I don't want to get into the "TOMORROW, NEXT WEEK" mind-set.

So I'm going to WW this Saturday. I'm also swearing off soda. Starting now. *gasp*




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