Black Garlic ... WHAAA?

For lunch, and all foods today, I visited my favorite deli in Glendale. MARIOS. (It's been a hectic week, with loads of unpacking, building and moving stuff around the apartment. It's fun, but not. I just keep forgetting to stop and eat.)Anywho, back to MARIOS. I'm waiting for my sammich to be made and looking around the register. I spotted a sign that was advertising BLACK GARLIC.

A few months ago my coworker had mentioned his father consuming black garlic as well. He explained that it was jelly/candy-like and really really gross. An interwebs search pulled up a few descriptive terms of sweet, molasses-like, dried fruit, and savory. I kind of draw the line on "nutty" since people throw that word around like it's the ultimate in descriptive food terms. Especially when they say a nut has a nutty flavor. No shit.

Black garlic is fermented old garlic. Well, it's "super heated" garlic that is allowed to ferment and becomes spreadable and caramelized. It's believed to contain beneficial properties and is currently being used at high-end restaurants. It's packed with antioxidants and consumed in Asian cultures.

Since MARIOS sells it, I think I might try it. I just want to try this old jelly garlic because I just do.

Has anyone else tried it? Have you heard of it? Want to have a BG(black garlic) and cheese party?


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