Disney Gallery: Mary Blair

This past Sunday we visited Disneyland. I made it a point to visit the Disney Gallery since it was the opening weekend of the "The Colors of Mary Blair" exhibit. Being a huge Mary Blair fan, it was the first stop of the trip.

*WARNING: This post will contain many many photos of pretty much everything in the gallery. If you want to be surprised when you go, then please don't read. :)

Mary Blair was one of Disney's main artists. She really found her signature style when she visited South America on a Good Neighbor tour with Disney Studios around WWII. She used fabrics and paper to make colors and patterns pop along with stunning paint. I loved that her pencil marks and unclean lines were visible. They added multiple layers to her paintings. The one thing I didn't like, but understand, is that they are not the actual paintings. They were beautifully framed prints. So the art looked flat but really rich at the same time.

The first room of the gallery was dedicated to her animated film concepts:

Next up we got to see attraction concepts. The collection mainly contained "it's a small world" and Tomorrowland mural concepts.

(Not sculpted by Mary Blair... I forgot to note the artist)

The Tomorrowland murals made me happy and sad. I miss the murals that still exist. They were beautiful, but I understand why they are no longer visible. Her ideas of children of the future are beautiful and refreshing. Very simple and futuristic even for today.

Included were some original sketches and more paintings of children:

I'll be stopping by every visit as there is just so much detail to soak in and color to view. She is one of my favorite artist and this is a must see when visiting the parks. An excellent way to escape the heat and see a piece a Disney history!

More Disney Gallery photos can be viewed here. I'll be updating and doing a few more posts in the future.



"Mary Blair made color her bitch." - Tomi Monstre, May 2011 Mulberry Street


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