Club 33 trip report! (finally)

We recenetly visited Club 33 in New orleans Square at Disneyland. We put on our Sunday best and had dinner at the exclusive club.

053/365 year 29

This was Robert, David and Suzi's first trip. As seasoned vets, Nicole, Vincent and I took the stairs up as they took the centerpiece elevator up from the lobby. From here we were seated in the main dining hall. We ordered drinks with a few members of the party getting alcoholic drinks. Robert being one of them ordered a glass of wine (feeling fancy) then requested "I'll have whatever Walt had". This turned out to be whiskey on the rocks. Bottom shelf Jim Beam whiskey, just like Walt. They watered it down, but it was still undrinkable. bleh. David had a Disney Sidecar and the other ladies had their wines of choice.


I didn't bother pondering over the menu as I always have my sites set on the filet mignon. ALWAYS. I keep telling myself NEXT time and it never happens. However, I did have to select a first course. I chose the nummy sweet potato butternutt squash soup. It had caramalized onions and sour cream as a garnish. It was spicy and sweet at the same time!
Next up was my meal of choice... medium rare. This is a first for me. I usually say medium well. SOOOOOO GOOOOD. I sat and savored every single bite.

After this I took a breather and grabbed the ladies. We decided to look around while we waiting for our desserts. We paid the ladies room a visit then poked around the art. Of course we snapped up some photos for the boys. :P

Getting back to the table, we found dessert waiting! I had the super yummy crème brule and a cup of coffee.

The boy and I nomed this together. Then headed out to the balcony over looking NOS. It was a really pretty night and we became the people you spot and point to asking "HOW DID THEY GET THERE??!?!" We snapped some photos then headed inside to buy merch and look around the Game Room and bar area.

As it was time to leave, we made sure to make the most of it by posing in the main lobby stairs and infront of the elevator. We asked a million questions and soaked in as much of the place as we could. The boys where simply giddy with glee.

It was a great trip to the DL.

Oh! We also scored an awesome photo with Steamboat Mickey! Totally a trip highlight.




  1. ooooo! great photos... i confess, i would LOVE to check this place out sometime... have never been!!


  2. you pulled off writing this before we did! I think we're still reeling from the realization that we FINALLY WENT! Thanks again soooooo much!


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