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The B-Roll
This past weekend our friend Charlie presented 363days of his 365day project entitled The B-Roll. I ventured down to Fullerton to meet Nicole for foods and girl talk then over to the gallery to see all of Charlie's work.

The B-Roll The B-Roll

Upon entering, I was overwhelmed with the amount of photos covering every wall in the space as well as the interactive installations and music mixed with friends thoughts on his project. It took a good long while to make it around the gallery, with every pass I spotted something new or saw something a bit different than the first or second go around.

DAY 362 / TODAY from Dantes Rosete on Vimeo.

02/365 year 29 The B-Roll

The B-Roll

The B-Roll

A very inspiring and amazing body of work.

Thanks for sharing Charlie!



P.S. If you haven't visited his site (The B-Roll) yet, please do.


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