elecTRONica @ Disney's California Adventure

Entering the program

So I paid elecTRONica a visit this weekend. To quote my friend "it's way less offensive then that gay West Hollywood rave 'GLOW'." (For the record, we both love gays and WeHo... however "GLOW" was just tacky.)

The main plaza has a countdown to the "portal" all day. Then at 7pm, there is this big show number with some 80's hair band music that explains how elecTRONica comes to be. There are also Solid Gold dancers and popular Daft Punk music. All of this right at dusk in the daylight for all to see. Sadly we missed it, but I'm making it a point to catch the whole show.

Next the friggin portal opens. This leads you to the Hollywood Backlot section. Here it's pretty much the same set up as GLOW, but with more projections and blue colors. As well as really really loud "wooshing" and "technology" noises. At the end of the street you are greeted by the first bar. *glee* Here they are pretty much serving the same GLOWfest drinks but with catchy TRON names.

Further in you pass a scanner from the film and come upon the TRON sneak peek area. It's located in the Muppet*Vision 3D theater.

Sneak Peektimes!

Here you watch 9 min of the movie. It was way awesome and I liked the use of the theaters technology, atbet a bit cheesy at times. The movie itself, has FANTASTIC effects and awesome costumes. (WeightWatchers + white catsuit = Halloween 2011?!?! er 2012?)

Sneak Peek of Tron 3D

After that, you pour out into the main dance and show area. There are platforms with dancers and a main DJ stage. The music is loud and the space is filled with pockets of park guests dancing or watching.

Mr. DJ

There is also a main stage area where the MC intorduces his Solid Gold dancers and "Laser Man". I have to suggest finding another fellow viewer who is possibly on drugs double rainbowing it behind you as it makes the show MUCH more entertaining. It's pretty much a mime with lasers. I hate mimes, but I like lasers so it was pretty cool.

Laser man

Near the end of the area, leading to FLYNN's, there is futuristic bar set up and a jazzed up roach coach. I didn't peek at the menu, but it smelled appropriate.

roach coach!!

Rounding off the area is a reproduction of FLYNN's arcade... Home of TRON. Here you can play classic arcade games for $.25! They have pretty much EVERYTHING. The best part, aside from TRON, is that you have to buy arcade coins to play. They are equal exchance of 4 coins for $1. They happen to be gold and have FLYNN's ARCADE and elecTRONica engraved on them!

FLYNN's Home of TRON

Over all it's entertaining and way crowded. However, Disney did a good job and I'm looking forward to my next visit. I should snap up photos of the custumes and the opening show.

You can see the entire Flickr Foto set here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pixieinthia/sets/72157625141682590/




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