**SPOILER TEXT and PHOTOS** Carnivale of Color pre-show

So, Disney decided to trick us into arriving early and being prepared for The World of Color and instead shoved The Carnivale (emphasis on the VALE since it makes it fancier) of Color in our faces and earholes.

The crowd is cheered on by two sparkly and hip people. I believe we had Tina(??) and Steve.

Steve in a crappy photo

They sang to us and tried to get us to boogie on down with them. Then they introduced the ONLY part of this crapfiesta that I enjoyed… The PUPPETS!
We were graced by elegant, huge, sparkly and beautiful puppets of The Genie, Mike Wazowski, Lumiere, Tigger and Sebastian!! All of these guys representing a color and section of the viewing area.

After they danced a bit, they held section contests and banked on audience participation. Soon it was time for them to sing and leave.

The most interesting part was the giant puppets almost taking out kiddies on their parents shoulders. I’m sure that Disney will see to it that no one is harmed in the future.

This all took way too long and caused more of a loud annoyance. However, I understand that Disney has a target audience and I’m sure they hit it with this little show. It’s on par with the Celebrate! Street Parade. Which quickly makes me want to hide away until they bust out in the HairSpray Musical song then hide back again, like a trapdoor spider.

If you find your standing spot, take a breather while someone else holds it and grab some noms. Then take your time getting back for the big event. Just sayin’.

Sebastian The Genie

Tina? TIGGER!!


  1. I'll just go on rides while everyone else is watching...just saying'. Did you Captain EO?


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