Disney World of Color **SPOILERS**

Finally the main show!

And it begins!

The lights dimmed and the Mickey Farris Wheel came into spot light! The crowd cheered and I got totally giddy.

Like I said, the shows theme is disjoined and just a mishmash of Disney movie scens with a really werid insertion of live action Pirates... that's what she said.

They really played up the Little Mermaid... which really lasted FOREVER...
Part of that wwwwwwwworld (of color!) It's better...

and Pirates of the Carribean! Which was awesome to have The Black Pearl sail out of the mist towards the crowd serenaded by a young Elizabeth Swann.
The curesed ship Dead men tell no tales ...

Given that one has a new attraction being built and a 3rd sequel in production, I'm sure they are trying to nail the point home.

The use of fire and water was amazing as well. I'm sure part of my eyebrows are singed off and floating around DCA. The fire poofed and danced to some of the BEST Disney villan montages I've seen in a while. Anytime the guy from Hunchback is used, I'm in awe. He creeps me out...

Hells Fire

Finally the show ended with their "World of Color" song, which is very poppy but drives the "idea" of color and unity home. If that's what the idea is... I have no... ... *wait for it* ... idea?

I'm looking forward to Friday when I go again. With the huge crazy Disney crowds and sense of whatelse to do and see. I want to like it... I dunno why, but I do. Don't get me wrong though. I DO NOT hate it.

Chesire Cat Up

p.s. I'm taking video on Friday! :)


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