Poppies to the left and Poppies to the right


A few friends an I headed about 1 hour up the 5 out of LA to see poppies. These little suckers are in full bloom and beautiful.
We visited the Poppy Conservatory in Lancaster. For the price of parking($8) we walked the various trails, poked at local wild life and had a lovely snack/picnic on Sunday morning. If you have the time, I suggest going earlier in the day and packing snacks. They have benches and bathrooms as well!
There is a tiny giftshoppe I suggest poking your head into, however nothing caught my eye to puchase. They do, however have an AWESOME desert diorama. Circle of life!!!!
All in all, a nice trip and totally something I'd do again. :)



  1. My mom used to take us when we were little. Haven't gone since! Your photos make me all nostalgic. :)


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